Usually when friends refer me to music they or their friends made; it takes a lot of restraint to not roll my eyes and sarcastically say “Yeah that sounds awesome. I’m definitely going to check that out for sure.” I know I know, I’m a cynical curmudgeon, but in my defense I’ve waded through more horrible, poorly created music than just about anyone in the history of humanity and or recorded music. That having been said, years of practice have given me the skill set necessary for weeding out good and occasionally great songs. I wouldn’t say that “Dose of Down Home” is a truly great song but it’s better than average, which is an achievement in and unto itself.

I could definitely hear this tune getting cut by someone like Dierks Bentley or Zac Brown but it wouldn’t be the single. The bottom line is that based on this song alone, I would say that Johnny Dailey is a promising young songwriter that could have a career on music row if he really wanted to. If he sticks with it, I look forward to seeing him grow as an artist. Additionally, the video production was very well done (Thomas Brothers Productions) and that definitely helped sway my opinion in a more positive direction than if it had it been this guy in front of his macbook pro with a Budweiser and a barking dog in the background.

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