Fresh Meat

Fresh Meat is  a hilarious hour long BBC comedy that airs exclusively in America on the internet only website Hulu. I love this show for a couple different reasons. First and foremost because it is written and created by Jesse Armstrong and Sam Bain  who I mostly know from the movie Four Lions and the long running sitcom Peepshow among other things.  The character in the show who offers the most comic relief is definitely JP (Jack Whitehall) and I knew of him previous to this show only from his standup comedy. The quote below is one of my favorites by JP from the season three finale. I encourage any fans of comedy, young and old, male and female, white/black/yellow/orange to check out this brilliantly written and brilliantly executed British dramedy.

“Mate please, if there is one thing people on coke are good at it’s talking to other people. As long as I don’t have to listen this can’t go wrong.” JP