The Northerners “You”

The band The Northerners have a very mellow soulful vibe, and “You” is the first single prefacing a debut album that at least one overzealous music blogger will be looking forward to. The lead guitar on this track sounds like the Allman Brothers Band, or as a child might say, the Almond Brothers. The lead female vocal sounds like a white girl trying and succeeding at classic soul angst, although I would be interested to hear where said angst is coming from. The thing that sticks out most to me is the unadorned downright sanguine lyrics. My main complaint with jam bands is that most of them sound very similar and arguably their fan-base is so high they won’t remember hearing the same riff for 30-45 minutes.

Don’t get me wrong, I love bands like Madeski, Martin & Wood, The North Mississippi Allstars and The Grateful Dead, but you have to admit their is some truth to what I’m saying. That having been said, it’s refreshing to hear a new group who can both play, sing, harmonize and write exceptional lyrics. The first song that came to mind when I heard this was Ray Lamontagne’s song “Let It Be Me” from his third album “Gossip In The Grain.” Simple, but meaningful.  I was pleasantly surprised by “You” and I will continue to follow The Northerners in whichever direction they decide to follow on their overall musical career compass.