A sunshine suicide is the top story of the day
Dead celebrities never really get to rest in peace
Is he or she an A B or C film or music star?
Did we see this coming on the autopsy report
Were they a personality or just a hollow shell?
Based on their behaviour are they going straight to hell?
Did we know their work and do we even really care?
If it was me in their position here this what I’d say:

I’m not gonna stab myself twice with a steak knife
I’m not gonna snort coke and heroin at the same time
I’m not gonna chase an entire bottle of whiskey
With every different prescription pill prescribed to me
I’m not gonna play hide and go O.D. in a bathtub
I’m not gonna scratch the back of my head with a shotgun
I’m not gonna choke on chunks of my own sadness
I’m not gonna piss in jars to prove my madness
I’m not gonna have my funeral in the desert
I’m not gonna wait around to die in the present
I’m not gonna hang myself at the end of a movie
I’m not gonna fake my death for a false identity

Today a sunshine suicide is yesterday’s news show
Today another suicide bomber prematurely blew his load
Another politician got caught smoking crack
The weather looks terrible and it looks like it will last
Honest Abe said it best you’re only as happy as you decide
Everything is relative if you can heave a first world sigh
Learn to count your blessings and learn the golden rule
Me I do my best and here is what I’ll try to do

I’m gonna wake up on the right side of the bed
I’m gonna seize the day until the day im dead
I’m gonna pay my taxes and be faithful to my wife
I’m gonna call a cab so I don’t get a DUI
I’m gonna learn to moderate my vices and my temper
I’m gonna tolerate beliefs I don’t believe in
I’m gonna teach my kids about grit and hard work
I’m gonna give away the things I don’t need anymore
I’m gonna speak truth to anyone who will listen
I’m gonna find a girl who calls me on my bullshit
I’m gonna live a life that I can be proud of
I’m gonna die of old age singing hallelujah