Comedy: Society’s Mirror


Arguably the most important aspect of a comedians job is to hold a mirror up to society to point out our flaws and idiosyncratic behavior in the hopes of challenging people of all walks of life to be objective about divisive issues such as race, religion, politics, and sexuality etc. That said, I think the percentage of people who are smart enough to get dark/obscene humor and are genuinely offended by it; is a lot lower than the number of people who are not smart enough to get the joke and take it at face value.

The point of all of this is: don’t get your panties in bunch when someone has a viewpoint or opinion different from your own. An intelligent conversation that analyzes both sides of an argument is always much more productive than just dismissing someone or their opinion because you don’t agree with them. In other words, to quote Anthony Jeselnik “People that get offended by jokes, are f**king stupid.” So next time somebody tells you something isn’t funny because they’re offended; just keep laughing and take solace in the fact that you are more intelligent than them and statistically will live a longer and more enriched life.