SONG OF THE DAY “I Think I’m Old Enough” by adult mom

adult mom is stephanie knipe and sometimes kt, bruce, and jen from purchase, ny

“i wrote the songs in a place of feeling hurt, heartbroken, and feeling pretty hopeless about love or good things ever happening to me romantically. often i confuse relationships or love or romance to be the most important things in life but writing these songs i tried to express that being hurt sucks, but its necessary for growth because no one else is as important as you! ”sometimes bad happens” is a direct quote from a toddler after dropping a truck full of sand on the floor and it resonated with me because it’s simple. sometimes bad does happen, it’s a given, and sometimes we have to just move on and accept it. accept bad shit, accept pain, accept being heartbroken, and one day you will be able to grow taller. be angry and wild and sad and wacky because sometimes it’s all we can do to survive. appreciate sadness and its temporary quality. that’s all, thank you to everyone in life.”